Connection issue

Generally, when encountering a connection issue, try testing the following two elements:

  1. Is the problem related to your Gigatribe user?
    Create a new test user or utilize a test user that has no contacts then attempt to log in with that user. If you can successfully connect with the test user, the issue might stem from your current user profile. You’ll then need to investigate whether the problem is associated with your shared folders or any specific contacts.
  2. Is the problem related to your internet access?
    “Internet access” must be understood broadly : it includes your internet service provider, firewall, antivirus software—basically, any elements that might disrupt Gigatribe’s connection. The idea is to modify your way of connecting to identify the root cause. Try connecting using your phone’s hotspot instead of your usual connection. If you’re using Gigatribe on a laptop, move to a different location and connect through a public network. Temporarily disable your firewall to check if it’s causing the blockage, etc.

When reaching out to the support team, the better you can pinpoint the origin of your issue, the more effectively the customer support can assist you.

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