The software freezes after the connection window

This issue may occur in the following situation:

  • Your Chat history is too heavy,
  • One of the file you’re sharing is corrupted (name too long, name includes a forbiden character…),
  • You’re trying to download a corrupted file.

To fix, this issue, click on the Reset button available from the connection window.

5 thoughts on “The software freezes after the connection window”

  1. My gigatribe freezes as it is trying to connect. I have looked up your advice to correct this but can not find the reset button on my site. What am I supposed to do to ccorrect this

  2. What to do if gigatribe.exe hangs up? The typical situation is: you “click on something”, Windows appears to be frozen, and after several seconds or minutes, if you are really lucky :- , the un famous message appears: gigatribe.exe is not responding and will be terminated.

  3. We found that a local GigaTribe folder was involved in the freezing problem. Update on freezing problem. I use XP and cannot find that file and it still freezes up.

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