What is the difference between “Direct connection” and “VPN connection”?

To exchange files with your contacts, GigaTribe uses either Direct connection or VPN connection.

You may select your connection mode in the Options menu, under the network tab:

Select the Network tab, then check/uncheck the checkbox “Always check that the port is opened”:
– If “Always check that the port is opened” is checked: GigaTribe will only connect if Direct connection is available.
– If “Always check that the port is opened” is unchecked: GigaTribe will try to Direct connect first. If it’s not possible, it will switch to VPN connection.

Direct connection

Your files are transferred directly between you and your contacts.
Using the Direct connection requires computer skills (port forwarding).
Downloads are free and unlimited.

VPN connection

Downloads are routed through GigaTribe VPN servers.
Every month, all users can download 2GB free through the GigaTribe VPN servers.
Ultimate users may download with no limitation.