How can I use GigaTribe in direct connection mode?

GigaTribe will run in direct connection mode only if your computer can receive incoming TCP connections from the Internet.
Incoming connections can be blocked at the following levels:

  • Router
    You must modify your router settings so that your router accepts incoming TCP connections from port 3728 to the computer running GigaTribe.
    Configuration example:
    Public Port from: 3728 to 3728
    Local Port From: 3728 to 3728
    Protocol: TCP
    Local Address / Server address: Local IP address of the computer running GigaTribe ( for instance)
  • Firewall
    Most firewalls will ask whether or not you want to block GigaTribe when the software attempts to receive incoming connections from the Internet.
  • Antivirus
    Some antivirus programs have an embedded firewall. If this is the case, make sure you have granted GigaTribe the right to receive incoming Internet connections.

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