I was able to Direct connect before, but now I can’t.

If you can’t connect after a GigaTribe update.

GigaTribe has been blocked by a firewall or a router that authorized the previous version.
You may briefly disable your firewall or your router to identify which one is responsible and then configure it properly.

Most of the time, your computer’s local IP has changed and is no longer the one you defined in your router

Check your router configuration and select the rule you created for GigaTribe, which looks like this:

Name of the rule: GigaTribe
Type: TCP
Start Port: 3728
End Port: 3728
Server IP: (for instance)

The computer running GigaTribe is probably using an IP that is not defined in the router as the Server IP.

You must assign your computer the correct Server IP ( in this example).

Go to the Windows Start menu/Control panel/Internet and network connection / Network connection.
Select the connection you use to connect to the Internet and click on Properties.
A new window opens with a general tab:
Select INTERNET PROTOCOL (TCP/IP) and then click Properties:

Check “Use the following IP address”
IP Address: <- Make sure you are using the address you defined in your router for “Server IP”
Subnet mask: 255.255.255.
Default gateway: (IP address of your router on the local network)
Check “Use the following DNS server address”
Primary DNS server and Secondary DNS server: enter your Internet provider DNS.